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  • 13th July 2017

    Didcot dad awarded for resilience during difficult time

    Peter Welch, proprietor of Scotlands Ash Garage, has gone through a tough time over the past few years, for which he was commended for at the TerraClean Awards 2016, held at Holiday Inn Northumberland,, achieving the ‘Above and Beyond’ award.

    For Peter, a further surprise lay in store at the event as he was joined on stage by wife Ruth and daughter Libby, who made the trip to the event without Peter knowing. Libby was diagnosed with a nerve sheath tumour at the age of just 20 and is recovering well. Meanwhile, Peter was diagnosed with prostate cancer and is also recovering well. The award acknowledged the incredible journey the family had taken.

    Scotlands Ash Garage proprietor, Peter Welch, said: “My complete gratitude goes to TerraClean for this award and for the constant support I have received during this tough period from family, friends and customers.”

    Phill Dowd, Randstad (TerraClean) sales manager, said: “Despite the difficult situation, Peter has always remained positive and simply grateful that he had been given the opportunity to allow for early treatment. He took inspiration from his family and battled cancer head-on. We were thrilled to present the ‘Above and Beyond’ award to such a brave and hardworking member of the TerraClean family.”

    Welch’s family-run garage is a well-known contributor to the Didcot community with the garage regularly sponsoring local events such as Astonbury, as well as local football team, Wallingford Town FC. The garage is also an active fundraiser, donating £1 for every MOT it carries out to the Teenage Cancer Trust. In 2016, the garage donated more than £2000 to the charity and has carried on the initiative into 2017.

    Peter Welch Stage

  • 11th July 2017

    Fundraising for Teenage Cancer Trust – Update

    In March April and May 2017 we have raised £492.08p for the Teenage Cancer trust, this is through a collection box and donating £1 from every MOT carried out!

    Thank you to everyone who has donated!

    The total amount raised is £3,466.18 up to the end of May 2017.

    We will keep you informed of our ongoing progress. Look out for updates.



  • 15th June 2017

    Cool down for the summer!

    With summer just around the corner it is important to ensure your vehicle is prepared for longer journeys if you are setting off on holiday or are having to endure long commutes in the warmer weather.

    One of the biggest problems we are experiencing at this time of year is air conditioning failures. This comes as no surprise as with the weather beginning to heat up after a long, typical British winter, drivers reach for their air conditioning (A /C) for the first time in months.

    The problem here is that if you leave you’re A /C off for months at a time it can cause the system to break down.

    When the A /C is switched on, the coolant lubricates rubber seals and pipework helping to keep them in a good condition. Naturally, if the system is not used for a long interval these parts are not kept lubricated.

    Moisture can also accumulate as it is not being pushed out regularly causing mould and bacteria. This is then blown into the car when you turn the A / C back on.

    If it is too late for your system, don’t fret, we have the tools to bring it back to life and ensure you are the coolest driver on the road this summer.

    And when the summer months inevitably come to an end, we recommend using your air conditioning every week or so on the coldest level to circulate coolant throughout the system. If you want to stay warm in the winter, you can always leave you’re A / C on and turn the heater to warm.

  • 12th June 2017

    TerraClean network unites to bring Deegan back to Clio Cup

    The TerraClean network of service centres have come to the aid of Renault Clip Cup racing driver Shayne Deegan of SDR Motorsport, after he suffered a major crash in the series at Donington recently.

    The side-impact crash resulted in his car being ruled out for the rest of the season – but the engine de-carbonising brand TerraClean has stepped up and got behind the driver, sponsoring him and helping to arrange a new car for the remainder of the series.

    Deegan is part of TerraClean service centre Regency Autos, based in Cambridge. He  said: “When this sort of thing happens you fear the worst and I’m incredibly grateful that the TerraClean ‘family’ has stepped in and saved our season. We will all be working extremely hard now to get back on our feet and push forward up the championship.”

    The TerraClean network also sponsors PP Motorsport’s James Colburn, also in the UK Clio Cup, as well as former double British Touring Car Championship (BTCC) Champion, Colin Turkington.

    A TerraClean service, which restores a vehicle’s performance, reduces emissions and improves MPG is available in the UK from Randstad Ltd and delivered through a national network of service centres. Phillip Dowd, Randstad sales director, said: “The TerraClean network of service centres continues to prove it is the most generous and helpful network of its kind to fellow service centres. We are a very tight-knit network and so when we heard of Shayne’s crash and its implications, the network rallied together and voted to support Deegan and his SDR Motorsport team for the rest of 2017.”

    “It takes a great deal of effort, hard work and funding to prepare for this cup and it is extremely unfortunate that this has happened to Shayne so early on in the season. However, we are determined to get him back on track and look forward to helping him on his road to recovery and seeing him shine once more.”

    Shayne Deegan New car 1

  • 10th May 2017

    TerraClean returns to the track

    Randstad, via its engine decarbonising brand TerraClean, is sponsoring both PP Motorsport in the UK Clio Cup and double British Touring Car Championship (BTCC) champion, Colin Turkington for the second year running.

    Turkington narrowly missed out on top spot last year and is on track for another successful season with TerraClean’s full support after recently claiming a win at Thruxton and currently standing third in the table.

    Turkington said: “I’m delighted to receive TerraClean’s support once again and I am thoroughly enjoying the race for top spot so far. Not only is TerraClean great for the environment as it reduces harmful emissions, but it also benefits a motorist’s pocket as they can save on increased MPG and complete performance restoration.”

    Meanwhile, the PP Motorsport sponsorship sees the TerraClean logo running along both sides of the team’s car, as well as on all PP Motorsport clothing, including the driver’s – James Colburn – racing suit.

    John Creasey, PP Motorsport team owner, said: “It’s fantastic that we have TerraClean on board for a second year. We are making strides towards our goal of pushing up the table and TerraClean’s support is a huge help.”

    Phillip Dowd, Randstad sales director, said: “With close to 40,000 track-side crowds and live coverage on ITV4, the opportunity will continue to increase brand exposure and generate intrigue and custom to the growing network of TerraClean service centres, all of which are supported by our new national TV advertising campaign.”

    New Clio Cup Car

  • 10th May 2017

    TerraClean joins chorus against MOT extensions

    Randstad, via its deep engine cleaning brand TerraClean, which reduces emissions and restores a vehicle’s performance, is expressing growing concern about proposals to extend the MOT test from three years to four for newer vehicles.

    TerraClean warns that if the proposals go ahead, it will severely affect the government’s control of emissions.

    Currently, the MOT tests the vehicle in a number of areas, including the release of harmful emissions into the environment.  By extending the test frequency there will be more non-roadworthy vehicles on the road for a further year with no official mileage or emissions recorded until after four years.

    Martin Dowd, Randstad managing director, said: “Drivers need to be aware of the dangers surrounding these proposals. Not only could it seriously threaten driver safety as unidentified issues may slip under the radar, but it could also have a detrimental effect on the environment.

    “We support and raise awareness to the reduction of harmful emissions through the promotion of our decarbonising tools. As carbon build-up prevents an engine reaching optimum performance, causing pre-ignition (pinging) and, lowering MPG, all of which contribute to increased emissions, we strongly encourage drivers to service their vehicle regularly.”

    Through the process of TerraClean, the removal of carbon at regular service intervals restores engine performance and allows for a cleaner fuel burn, thereby reducing emissions and extending the engine life.

    Since its launch in the UK, TerraClean has been successful in reducing emissions on all types of petrol and diesel vehicles including, passenger cars, taxis, commercial vehicles, motorbikes and tractors with close to 100,000 vehicles benefiting from the process.

    Dowd continued: “Failure to adhere to regular servicing intervals and MoTs plus the illegal removal of diesel particulate filters (DPFs) are contributing to a wider problem of increased air pollution and driver apathy. There should not, therefore, by any removal of legislation that protects the motorist and wider public.”


  • 25th April 2017

    Scotlands Ash Garage Newsletter (Spring 2017)

    Please CLICK HERE to download the latest version of The Toolbox, the quarterly newsletter brought to you by Scotlands Ash Garage


  • 25th April 2017

    TerraClean awards provide rollercoaster of emotions

    The TerraClean awards 2016 provided the growing network with a night of pure entertainment and incredible shocks, as overall winner Mike Lyons from DPF Cleaning Ltd donated his winning prize of a trip for two to Canada to the auction for Dementia UK.

    Celebrity guest for the evening Kriss Akabusi MBE had everyone in attendance ‘hooked’ as he dominated proceedings in an event that celebrated the very best of the TerraClean network.

    Akabusi was joined on stage by TerraClean ambassador and double BTCC champion Colin Turkington and Randstad sales director Phillip Dowd, to give out no fewer than 11 awards to independent garages and mechanics throughout the evening, held at Holiday Inn, Seaton Burn, Northumberland.

    Beginning the event, Dowd paid tribute to the growth of the TerraClean network saying the night was “all about the hard work the service centres put in every day and the togetherness of the network has proven to the entire motor trade that the TerraClean network is a ‘family’.”

    The first two awards were for those service centres that had gone ‘above and beyond’ to promote the TerraClean brand in the face of adversity and both Peter Welch of Scotlands Ash Garage and Kevin Martin of Spannerama were honoured by more than 200 guests in attendance.

    For Peter Welch, a further surprise lay in store as he was joined on stage by wife Ruth and daughter Libby, who made the trip to the event without Peter knowing. Libby was diagnosed with a nerve sheath tumour at the age of just 20 and is recovering well. Meanwhile, Peter was diagnosed with prostate cancer and is also recovering well. The award acknowledged the incredible journey the family had taken.

    After handing out a series of awards including best newcomer, best mobile and best workshop to name but a few, the final award of Best Overall Service Centre with a prize of a trip for two for Canada, home of TerraClean, was awarded to Mike Lyons of DPF Cleaning Ltd.

    On collecting his award, Lyons thanked the network for their support over the years and donated the trip for two to the auction for guests to bid for.

    Lyons, who also picked up the Best Mobile award earlier in the evening, said: “I wouldn’t be where I am now if it wasn’t for the TerraClean network. I was shocked to win one award let alone two and so I’m absolutely delighted. The trip for two to Canada is a bonus, but to be able to donate that to the auction and raise much needed funds for Dementia UK is hugely gratifying and the network responded with some huge bids.”

    Lyons’ unexpected and incredibly selfless gesture topped an already emotionally charged evening and sent Akabusi into overdrive as the self-appointed auctioneer. His hilarious antics were instrumental in the network donating a staggering £4020 for Dementia UK. In addition to the holiday, the auction included a signed visor and picture, kindly donated from Colin Turkington.

    Phillip Dowd, Randstad sales director, said: “The awards underline why the TerraClean network is the best, most generous and ‘entertaining’ network in the automotive industry. The whole event was electric and biggest yet, highlighting the growth of the network. Planning begins for the next event already, where we will welcome more TerraClean service centres than ever before.”

    Continuing with the ‘service centre’ theme, Randstad unveiled the new prime time TV advert, promoting its 450+ service centres to consumers throughout the UK. With more service centres joining everyday, the network is primed to take full advantage of this increased exposure.

    Mike Lyons Stage 1 72dpi

  • 2nd February 2017

    Didcot-based garage needs your vote in national award

    Didcot-based Scotlands Ash Garage is calling on the local public for votes after being nominated for ‘TerraClean Service Centre of the Year’ at the TerraClean Awards 2016, held at Holiday Inn Northumberland in March.

    With more than 30 years’ experience delivering excellent, honest service the garage is keen to provide the local community with high quality, cost-effective motoring solutions wherever possible which is reflected in its status as the only TerraClean service station in the local area.

    Didcot motorists can vote for Scotlands Ash Garage at in the category of TerraClean Service Centre of the Year.

    Scotlands Ash Garage proprietor, Peter Welch said: “We’ve offered TerraClean services for a number of years now and have built up a strong reputation as a garage that can be relied upon by the local community, as well as enhancing our profile within the TerraClean network.”

    TerraClean, a deep engine cleaning service removing carbon deposits and reducing harmful emissions, brings about an immediate difference with the vehicle showing increased fuel efficiency and better performance. TerraClean also increases the MoT test pass rate by reducing harmful vehicle emissions.

    The family-run garage is a well-known contributor to the Didcot community with the garage regularly sponsoring local events such as Astonbury at the Sweet Olive, as well as local football team, Wallingford Town FC. The garage is also an active fundraiser, donating £1 for every MOT it carries out to the Teenage Cancer Trust. In 2016, the garage donated more than £2000 to the charity and has carried on the initiative into 2017.

    Welch added: “We have always had an extremely close affinity to the local area and we would like to thank customers for their support over the past year. Now it is time to bring the award home and we encourage the community to get behind us once more by voting online.”