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Vehicle Servicing and Repairs in Didcot

Scotlands Ash Garage have been serving motorists with servicing and repairs in Didcot, Oxford, Wantage and the surrounding areas for over 30 years. Our friendly mechanics are experts in servicing and repairs for all different makes and models of cars and vans.

Our Promise for Servicing and Repairs in Didcot

The modern motor vehicle is a mechanical item and prone to wear and tear, which is why we make the utmost effort to provide excellent servicing and repairs in Didcot. As motorists, we’re doing fewer miles than in previous years because of expensive motoring costs, but it is still imperative to ensure the vehicle is serviced and inspected regularly. 

We have a responsibility to service and repair vehicles on UK roads and at Scotlands Ash Garage, we don’t apologise for a lengthy vehicle inspection and service process, which includes the changing of all filters, plugs, engine oil and the removal and inspection of all suspension bushes, joints, discs, pads, coil springs, brake pipes, hoses and exhaust system. We also check tyres and fluids – the list is exhaustive.

If your brake pads are replaced as part of a service but the discs do not need to be replaced yet we can use our Pro-cut Lathe to skim the discs. This ensures the pads have 100% contact with the discs giving perfect brake performance.

Here at Scotlands Ash Garage we also possess specialist tools and have an electric car bay to service and repair electric vehicles. No job is too small.

Servicing and Repairs in Didcot

When we Service and Repair, we will:

  • Carry out a thorough and documented inspection of your vehicle before commencing work
  • Offer you advice on servicing and repair options
  • No hidden costs and no nasty surprises
  • Offer of a courtesy car if available

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