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  • 15th June 2017

    Cool down for the summer!

    With summer just around the corner it is important to ensure your vehicle is prepared for longer journeys if you are setting off on holiday or are having to endure long commutes in the warmer weather.

    One of the biggest problems we are experiencing at this time of year is air conditioning failures. This comes as no surprise as with the weather beginning to heat up after a long, typical British winter, drivers reach for their air conditioning (A /C) for the first time in months.

    The problem here is that if you leave you’re A /C off for months at a time it can cause the system to break down.

    When the A /C is switched on, the coolant lubricates rubber seals and pipework helping to keep them in a good condition. Naturally, if the system is not used for a long interval these parts are not kept lubricated.

    Moisture can also accumulate as it is not being pushed out regularly causing mould and bacteria. This is then blown into the car when you turn the A / C back on.

    If it is too late for your system, don’t fret, we have the tools to bring it back to life and ensure you are the coolest driver on the road this summer.

    And when the summer months inevitably come to an end, we recommend using your air conditioning every week or so on the coldest level to circulate coolant throughout the system. If you want to stay warm in the winter, you can always leave you’re A / C on and turn the heater to warm.