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  • 10th June 2015

    New cars flock to Scotlands Ash Garage

    New car purchaseScotlands Ash Garage has invested in a new lift and computer system that allows the garage to access data and parts information in order to service and repair new vehicles.

    For some time now, brand new vehicles have come into the garage as owners bemoan the inadequate servicing standards from main dealers, many of which are outlined on Scotlands Ash Garage’s Facebook page.

    Under European Regulations renewed in 2010, car owners are no longer obliged to go to their main dealer during the vehicle’s warranty period and an independent garage (like Scotlands Ash) can service your car leaving the warranty intact.

    You should still stick to recommended service schedules as outlined in your manual and have your independent garage fit parts of Original Equipment (OE) quality standard. You should also keep any maintenance and repair records as proof that you have met all requirements.

    The Independent Automotive Aftermarket Federation (IAAF) has successfully challenged BMW after the car-making giant refused to honour the warranty on a vehicle that was serviced and repaired outside of the BMW main dealer network. Under European legislation, the fact that non-OE parts were used on a vehicle was insufficient reason for the warranty to be declared invalid and that full details of the servicing schedule and parts had been supplied to the German manufacturer.