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  • 31st March 2020

    Peter Welch slams DVSA MOT extension

    Peter Welch, Scotlands Ash Garage Proprietor, has slammed the decision by the DVSA to extend the MOT period for six months and described it as ‘frightening’.

    Peter said: “The decision feels completely at odds with the government’s decision to allow garages to remain open. MOT’s are the lifeblood of many garages and so they will no doubt close as a result. We are strongly enforcing the government’s social distancing measures and we will continue to support emergency workers and NHS through this very challenging time.

    “The failure rate for vehicles at Scotlands Ash Garage is 30 percent, in-line with the national average. That means that, for us, each month 60 vehicles come in that are not roadworthy and this could be due to tyres or braking. To have these vehicles still on UK roads is frightening.”

    Scotlands Ash Garage has been operating a collection and return service for motorists allowing them to keep their vehicles moving in a roadworthy condition during the Covid-19 pandemic.