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  • 8th April 2021

    Tales from the Workshop

    Discounted MOTs – Why Scotlands Ash Garage charge full price!

    Due to the MOT extension which began in April 2020, the likelihood is that there will be a drop in vehicles requiring an MOT over the next few months.

    While motorists can present their vehicles for an MOT test at any time of the year, there is an expected lull in tests being carried out. Road safety remains paramount and we encourage motorists to have their vehicles checked regularly.

    The drop in MOTs means a push towards discounted MOTs, mostly from larger chains. “Free MOT” or “£1 / £10 mots” will no doubt become the norm short term but not at Scotlands Ash Garage – for a number of reasons.

    The MOT test is the minimal safety check on a vehicle required by law. For a garage, this test has become very stringent over the years and so to lessen its price is to lessen its importance and to devalue it. This is not a wise move.

    We have been very active over the years in promoting the MOT. We are ahead of the curve in ensuring all MOT testers within the business remain fully trained and compliant making them extremely competent and experienced when testing your vehicle.

    Due to our continued investment, I believe we offer the best service that you will get in the area. Our business model is not set up to “up-sell” to you like some of the more target-led garages.

    We recognise that circumstances may mean motorists need to look for cheaper MOT tests, but we all know if a deal looks too good to be true, it probably is. We are not going to ask “if you want fries with that” if you book an MOT with us. We won’t chase for work – our investment in the latest technology, skills and equipment means work chases us.

    We don’t discount on MOT tests and our customers are very comfortable with this, which probably explains why Scotlands Ash Garage outperforms the national average.

    Stay safe

    Peter Welch