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  • 1st August 2019

    TerraClean launches new formulated GDi cleaner

    Randstad has launched a new GDi cleaner under its engine decarbonising brand TerraClean, which dissolves and breaks down harmful carbon deposits providing significantly better results than any other methods taking the same amount of time to perform the service.

    The GDi Pressurised Kit features a GDi Rinse and a GDi Clean aerosol can, containing TerraClean Fuel Injector Cleaner and rinsing agents that use molecularly modified gasoline to clean GDI systems intake valves, without the need to disassemble parts of the intake assembly. It also comes with an OEM approved Induction Tool, to offer a complete GDi Service to motorists.

    Specially formulated for cleaning Gasoline Direct Injectors and intake valves, the GDi Pressurised Kit cleans injectors, combustion chambers, oxygen sensors and catalytic converters, while reducing harmful emissions. Used with the TerraClean Fuel System Decarboniser, it provides a fast and extremely effective fuel system service.

    The cleaner emulsifies the deposits and the rinse removes the softened deposits, which burns easily in the combustion chamber. The friction modifier lubricates the valves and combustion chambers, allowing for better compression.

    As GDi deposits are unlike traditional carbon deposits, TerraClean’s GDi cleaner is specifically designed for GDi intake deposits with components that comprise formulas that are superior to existing products. A chemical is used that softens and dissolves the deposits, ensuring no chunks are dislodged which could cause damage to downstream components including the combustion chambers, turbochargers, and catalytic converters.

    The result is a highly effective clean in a fraction of the time and at a lower cost than the laborious process of walnut blasting.

    TerraClean has a 500+ nationwide service centre network, and is widely known for its decarbonising service and DPF cleaning tool. The tool revives blocked DPFs without having to remove them from a vehicle. If more intense treatment is required, the company also offers DPF collection, testing, cleaning and DPF return, offering the additional benefit of removing stubborn ash from the DPF.