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  • 18th August 2016

    TerraClean’s on UK vehicles reach 70,000

    TerraClean, the deep engine cleaning service to reduce emissions and restore performance, is expressing the importance of regular servicing and using TerraClean as a form of preventative maintenance to effectively tackle modern vehicle problems.

    Carbon and fuel deposits seriously hamper a vehicle’s performance, reduce BHP and MPG and increase emissions as well as reducing the lifespan of various engine components.

    Through TerraClean, the removal of carbon at regular service intervals restores engine performance and allows for a cleaner fuel burn, thereby reducing emissions and extending the engine life. The result is a reversal of an engine’s “natural aging process” and provides motorists with an improved driving experience.

    Since its launch in the UK, TerraClean has been successful in reducing emissions on all types of petrol and diesel vehicles including, passenger cars, taxis, commercial vehicles, motorbikes and tractors with close to 70,000 vehicles benefiting from the process.

    TerraClean now has 450 service centres within its network and is continuing to expand and raise awareness of frequent preventative maintenance.

    Members within the network are located throughout the UK and are specifically trained to use a vast array of TerraClean tools, including its EGR / DPF cleaning tool that revives blocked DPFs.

    With it now being illegal to remove a diesel particulate filter if fitted as standard, this specialist tool offers motorists a cost-effective solution when their DPF warning light appears, without falling foul of the law.

    Martin Dowd, TerraClean managing director said: “Failure to adhere to regular servicing intervals plus the illegal removal of diesel particulate filters (DPFs) are contributing to a wider problem of increased air pollution.

    “With new laws coming into place, vehicle servicing is changing and we encourage motorists to take action and use TerraClean as a form of preventative maintenance to not only ensure their vehicle is roadworthy, but most importantly maximise their motoring experience.”

    Ford Fusion (petrol)