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  • 7th August 2020

    Wheel alignment services now available

    Motorists can now access wheel alignment services at Scotlands Ash Garage, helping them to stay safe, stay legal and save money.

    Peter Welch, the garage’s proprietor said: “This is a big string in our bow and will enable us to further support motorists with repair and maintenance services. Wheel alignment has a positive effect on road safety and drivers’ wallets, as if wheel alignment is not correct, this has serious implications on how the car drives and corners.

    “It also badly affects tyre wear, risking reduced grip in the wet, reduced tyre life and of course the chance of a hefty fine if the police notice before you do.”

    The garage has chosen the very latest wheel alignment equipment from a leading UK supplier, Absolute Alignment. This gives a comprehensive before and after print-out, which will give customers the peace of mind of a job well done, together with recommendations for any other remedial work needed.

    Welch added: “Vehicle alignment isn’t part of the MOT test, but we think it should be. It’s not only the poor state of our roads that causes problems, but general wear and tear as cars last much longer than they used to. Surveys show that over 40 percent of cars on the road are carrying suspension damage that should be corrected, so why risk it?”