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Scotland Ash News

  • 8th April 2021

    Tales from the Workshop

    Discounted MOTs – Why Scotlands Ash Garage charge full price!

    Due to the MOT extension which began in April 2020, the likelihood is that there will be a drop in vehicles requiring an MOT over the next few months.

    While motorists can present their vehicles for an MOT test at any time of the year, there is an expected lull in tests being carried out. Road safety remains paramount and we encourage motorists to have their vehicles checked regularly. (more…)

  • 19th August 2020

    Beat the MOT rush this autumn

    We’re expecting record demand for MOTs this autumn. Almost twice as many people as usual will need an MOT in October and November.

    That means Scotlands Ash Garage will be extremely busy.

    You can beat the rush – get your test done now. There’s an easy fix. If you get your MOT done this August, you’ll make sure your car is safe to drive – and you can beat the rush.

    If you want to keep your annual MOT date the same, it’s worth knowing you can book an MOT test with us up to a month minus a day before yours is due to expire, and you can still keep your renewal date. So if your test is due in September, consider booking with us in August instead – we’ll make sure your vehicle is roadworthy and you won’t have to worry about getting your MOT done for another year.

    Of course, if you absolutely cannot move your MOT forward from autumn, we’ll do our very best to fit you in.

    But if you can, please do think about getting your test done soon to stay safe on the roads, and beat the autumn rush.

    Peter Welch
    Scotlands Ash Garage